Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography | QLD | Emu Mountain

Emu Mountain on the Sunshine Coast is a destination that everyone should try to visit. It’s more of a hill and sadly emus no longer roam the top. Still, at just over 70m elevation it provides sensational views and its great for an awesome adventure and engagement shoot. Every time I visit I love that its makes me reconnect with nature, looking out to the ocean and watching the sun go down. The stillness, the light and the silence makes me feel calm and relaxed the best time to visit Emu Mountain Sunshine Coast for your engagement shoot is dusk.

Birutė + Troy seem to understand the power of nature and they certainly found themselves in the perfect place for us to capture their engagement photography. I knew having their engagement photography session done at Emu Mountain on the sunshine coast we would be able to create something special and magical.

Between the breathtaking backdrop, the ear to ear smiles and the amazing sunset I was feeling so inspired capturing their engagement photography shoot.  Birutė + Troy had been engaged several weeks prior to the shoot, so the love and excitement was still electric, making it so refreshing capturing their engagement photography. A beautiful couple and a great adventure!